Great Article about Facebook for Writers & Review of Linda Pastan

Midge Raymond (author of Forgetting English and Co-Founder of Ashland Creek Press) wrote one of the best articles I've read on using Facebook well as a writer.

It's called Book Promo 101: Facebook for Writers and it's in the Seattle PI.  Great info on using it to help promote your book, but also security things too, such as your privacy.

Midge and I do Facebook Fridays, which means we avoid (mostly!) Facebook, except on Fridays. I know I go through times when I am on it more -- as for Mother's day and after big news events.  Also, I'll go on during the week to highlight something (such as this article or my review on the Rumpus- coming up below), but I try to stay off it.

Anyway, I was impressed with how well Midge thought about the best use of Facebook for writers and her advice.  Check it out if you get a chance, especially if you're a writer using Facebook to promote your work.


And second, I reviewed Linda Pastan's new book, Traveling Light: Poems on the Rumpus.

You can read the full review here.