Summer, it turns me uʍop ǝpısdn...

It's May 4 and we've finally had some sun in our neighborhood.

What I realize is when the sky turns blue, I vanish from the online world.  As I type this, I can feel myself doing it.  I've already made a date to go mountain biking later today and am beginning to resent email.

So what does this mean for Book of Kells...

Well, it means, I won't be as active here (though it's not as if you need anymore posts from me, I'm quite chatty as it is), but if the weather stays nice, there will probably be less.

I plan on checking in for most Confession Tuesdays though I know there will be some where I'll be camping and away from the internet or maybe asleep in a hammock.  But I do want to stay in touch and I do still have some Blog Request blogs that will be appearing over the next few months.

I think I feel the need for outdoor time because it feels as if I live indoors for about 8-9 months out of the year due to rain and icky, cold weather.  This year was terrible.  I only went mountain biking once, which means the weather was rotten.  (By the way, the rumor that it rains a lot in Seattle, well, it didn't just get made up to keep people from moving here...).

Now, with a glimmer of sun, I find myself wanting to escape to the beach, the garden, the trails (hiking & biking) and some kayaking too.  (We just got a new rental place here that rents longboards-- basically stand up surfboards with paddles, which I plan to try this summer).

I realize this May 4th post might be a little over-anxious summer hours post, but I'm hopeful.

And I do find myself being pulled more and more outdoors, which is a good thing for this poet.  So if you notice I'm not here as much, this is why, know the weather must be good and I'm out having fun.  I might send a few virtual postcards to my blog over summer as well.

Can you tell I'm aching for a little sunshine?  A little outdoors?  I am.

Of course, autumn always brings me back...inspired.


  1. I like how seasons have such different regional connotations. Here in Arizona, summer is oppressive. July and August are usually the months that keep me hiding indoors, like a blizzard of heat.

  2. Yes, it's interesting to see how people exist/create/write during the seasons of their locations.

    I know a lot of teachers write during the summer because they are not teaching, while I tend to do everything BUT write!


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