Poets on the Coast: A Writing Retreat for Women

Susan Rich and I have been talking about the first ever Poets on the Coast: Writing Retreat for Women and I cannot tell you how much I am looking forward to this.

The Sylvia Beach Hotel is a very special place; I know this because the title of book Letters From the Emily Dickinson Room was inspired by it.

Susan made this list on her blog and honestly, I'm ready to jump in the car and go today.
Here's Susan's list--

What makes Poets on the Coast different from any other writing retreat you might attend?

1. We will provide gourmet chocolate to inspire you.

2. The sound and scent and sight of the ocean will infuse your dreams with new poems (we expect).

3. You will have a private time to discuss your writing with Susan or Kelli at no extra charge.

4. There are two cats on the property to keep you company (or you can close your door).

5. As poets, we have been on many different retreats and given hundreds of workshops, but this is the first one we've actually designed. We are invested in making this an amazing weekend for everyone.

6. The weather on the Oregon Coast in early September is magical.

7. The breakfasts served (included with your room) are legion for style and size.

8. Optional morning yoga relaxation will be available to you from one of our participants (free).

9. Our group is diverse in age, geography, ethnicity... All women welcomeregardless of genre.

10. And did we mention the dinners? Food, laughter, and lots of writing. What could be better?


Our goal in this retreat is make sure woman writers have the time, nurturing, and support they deserve.  We are welcoming women of all levels, from beginner to published author.  We want to make your time there something you will not forget.  

If you stay at the Sylvia Beach Hotel (you're also welcome to commute in to the retreat if you're local), you get to choose a literary-themed inspired room.  And this isn't just a "kind-of" inspired room, like a copy of To the Lighthouse in the Virginia Woolf room, but a full-on, don't hold back, Shakespeare with capes, Edgar Allen Poe stuffed raven, sexy canopy bed Colette and over-the-top Dr. Seuss room with colors galore.  This hotel was created for writers and it is truly one of my very favorite places in the entire world.

 I'm bringing this up now because some of you asked me to send out a reminder before the retreat fills up and as I look at the calendar I see the registration price goes up after May 31st, so this is it - your reminder!  We're filling up.

So women writers, if you're interested, here's your chance to get a little time, nurturing, chocolate, poetic support for you and your writing life.  We will be there, and if you want to come, right now, you can too...

For more info or to register for Poets on the Coast: A Writing Retreat for Women, visit here. 

Registration goes up after May 31st - plus registering now also gets you a free issue of Crab Creek Review .

Looking forward to seeing some of you there!  I cannot wait!

Register by May 31st to receive a free copy of Crab Creek Review and a $50 discount!


  1. What an incredible atmosphere for creativity you and Susan are providing, from the chocolate to the ocean to the private critiques. It sounds like it'll be an amazing weekend...please do it again next year so I can join you! :)


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