Color Me Versatile... Or a Homebody... (Award)

The Beatles fishing from their window at Seattle's Edgewater Hotel

Donna Vorreyer chose me as one of the new blogs she is reading under the title--Versatile Blogger Award...  Thank you!

It's always nice to learn someone likes/reads/visits/knows of/is intrigued by/doesn't dislike/accidentally arrived at my blog, so I appreciate hearing this.

Of course, with every award there are rules.  I'm wearing a tiara as I type this.  Okay, I'm not wearing a tiara, but let's say I am as we look over the rules--

• Thank the person who honored you and print a link to their blog. 
Thank you, Donna!  And visit her blog here:
• Tell 7 random facts about yourself. 
Check right below...
• Pass the award to 15 new-found bloggers. 
Okay, 15 is quite a lot, but I'll do a post on my 5 new favorite blogs and who I'd pick soon.
• Contact each blogger who receives this nomination. 
Will do. X5

So 7 random facts about myself--

1)  While I am not wearing a tiara, I do keep one in my armoire and I plan to wear it the next time I get my driver's license renewed.

2)  I have no tattoos.

3)  My middle name is the same as Oprah's, though I tend to think our bank accounts not as similar.

4)  I love love love peach jelly bellies.  But I do not love (or even really like) peaches.  
I do like the song by the Presidents of the United States of America (called Peaches)

5)  I believe the children are the future.  Wait, I don't-  that's an old Whitney Houston song. I believe the calendars marked 2012, 2013, and above are the future.

6)  As an undergrad at the University of Washington, I could have gone to a comedy show for $10 by a new cool young comic.  My friend was also a communications major and invited me to meet him while he interviewed him.  It all seemed liked a hassle and well, they didn't get the "really good" comic everyone wanted, Yakoff Smirnoff.  So I said no (as usual) and stayed home.  And the name of that new and up-and-coming comic:  Jerry Seinfeld.
Yep, I've been making those good decisions since 1990.  
(I also said no to seeing these two new groups my friends said I had to see-- Nirvana and Pearl Jam).  Yes, I'm a visionary and trendspotter, as you can tell.
I'm always where the action is not.
(Note:  My much older sister bumped into Ringo Starr at the Edgewater in Seattle when they visited in the 60's.  He gave her a kiss on the cheek, while my other 3 sisters snuck into the hotel to find her and any other Beatle they could find, so apparently, this "staying at home" is not something genetic, but self-induced.)

7)  Despite being "the one who stayed home," I'm kind of like my life. A lot.  


  1. Charlotte Seaton9:13 AM, May 26, 2011

    Hi Kelli,

    My favorite topping on buttered toast is peach preserves! But then, I like peaches. :)

    I found a poem today, sent to an 82-year-old blogger to wish him a happy birthday. I thought... "how wonderful to use poetry to deliver a happy and upbeat birthday greeting and expression of friendship." I asked myself... "who might appreciate this?" and somehow found your blog.

    Won't you take a peek?

    My fave poem? Emily Dickinson's "A Bird Came Down the Walk." The last few lines are sublime.

    Poetry forever!

    Charlotte Seaton

  2. Kelli -

    There was no way I made it to 15 blogs, either! But I'm glad to learn more about you as I am a loyal reader, although I don't always comment.

    So jealous about the writing retreat you are running with Susan - hopefully your summer will be full of wonderful words...and fewer household repairs!

  3. Regarding your near miss with meeting Jerry Seinfeld --

    Many years ago, my senior year in high school (1971-72), I was in a poetry writing class made up of students from schools all over the city (Minneapolis). Our teacher would from time to time arrange for opportunities for us to go and read our poems to audiences, in various settings, classrooms, informal evening events, etc., for whoever among us wanted to go and do it.

    During the spring of that year, one morning he told us that whoever was interested could show up at the Walker Art Center on the upcoming Saturday, and record ourselves reading our poems to be broadcast later on a local public radio show.

    I'd been doing a bunch of the live reading events he'd set up for us, and the idea of showing up somewhere to read into a recording machine for a few minutes didn't seem all that exciting, so I decided to skip that one.

    The radio show was Garrison Keillor's Prairie Home Companion. This was before Keillor became popular nationwide -- I hadn't heard of him before -- it was during the earliest years of the show, which at the time was broadcast out of a small radio station in a small town a couple of hours northwest of Minneapolis.

    So I can't put on my resume that I once read my poems on Garrison Keillor's radio show. I can only say that at the age of 17 I once turned down a chance to be on Garrison Keillor's radio show because I had too many other pressing engagements.


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