Thankful Thursday - The Friday Edition

I am behind in everything this week.

But I am thankful I am breathing, have good people in my life to listen to my concerns and to laugh with.

I am thankful that though I haven't got everything done, or even close, that my home is warm, my family is well and my pets are entertaining and happy.

I thank the hot shower every morning for coming on.  I thank the radio, the blow-dryer, and the clean clothes in my closet.

While the To-Do list remains undone, I am thankful that I am not a brain surgeon and missed an important surgery, all that I didn't do can wait, no one will die because I didn't check off "Laundry," because the house looks as if a small tornado filled with glitter and paint landed on our dining room table, that we're out of something important, something I was supposed to pick up, but forgot.  My life is not that important to anyone else's life and I am thankful that when things become a tad overwhelming, the only person who really suffers is me and honestly, compared to the world at large, to the people who wonder where their next meal is coming from, I have nothing, anything, to complain about.

I am thankful for the things I have that I haven't done, for leftovers, snacks, and finding a bottle of talking rain in the garage when I wanted something with bubbles.

The world can be a mess and I can feel like a mess, but I am typing this up, I am not overwhelmed or so tired I cannot realize all I have and give thanks.  For the pen, paper, and a few minutes when no one asks anything of me.  I am thankful that they ask, that they are here to ask and that all of this, the crazy, the busy, the hectic and the beautiful is all mine.

Giving thanks for the ability to give thanks.  This is what's important.



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