6 Word New Year's Resolutions

Many of us have heard of Ernest Hemingway being challenged to write a short story in 6 words (he came up with this: For sale: baby shoes, never worn), last year I tried to write my New Year's Resolutions in only 6 words and here's what I came up with:

(I've bolded my favorites):

New Year's Resolutions 2010:

Try to remember: attachment causes fatigue.

It's about the work, nothing else.

Be open, be giving, be kind.

Never throw rocks at whales- never!
(that was my dad's resolution every year). ;-)

Keep faith close, assume the best.

Realize my path is only mine.

Talking about problems doesn't fix them.

Trust myself, but not my fears.

Stay off the grid a bit.

More quiet time, bye bye news.

Be good to myself and others.

Find art in my life daily.

Become a little more Frida Kahlo.

As I read over these, I'm thinking that they are pretty close to this year's resolutions (or as "New Year's Suggestions"), but here are a few more for 2011 (and a couple added tweaks to last year's resolutions):

2011 6 Word New Year's Resolutions:

Help others in surprising positive ways.

Dream a little bigger than normal.

Keep positive people in my life.

Living with less causes less stress.

Focus on the good in others.

Always have keylime pie when available.

Write more snail mail: postcards/letters.

Always stay focused on what matters.

Facebook causes fatigue: dine with friends.

Talking about others doesn't fix them.

Make art in my daily life.

Be useful like Thomas the Train.

Be a little more Jane Austen.

What are your 6 word New Year's Resolutions? Please feel free to share.



  1. Yours are fun and thought-provoking both.

    Give more, always, than you have.

    Open your eyes: Read banned books.

    Keep a poem in your pocket.

  2. Those are great Kelli.

    The first things that come to me:

    1.Find poetry in the everyday.
    2.Read, write, withdraw, revisit, rewrite.
    3.Be positive, happy and at peace.

  3. Teh Interwebz have corrupted my brain. Scanning through these I first read: "Realize my path is online." Doh!

    But I will keep many of these in mind. Maureen and Michael also have a few worth borrowing.

  4. Maureen & Michael-- *Love* yours!

    BH-- this cracked me up:
    "Realize my path is online." HA!

  5. Lately I've been feeling fretful about the future of publishing (the old fashioned paper kind, that is) and the disappearance of bookstores, so I came up with these resolutions:

    Read more poems--pages not pixels.

    Buy more books from brick/mortar stores.


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