Martha Silano's Poetic Interpretation of Schadenfreude

Martha Silano, 2007 at the Sylvia Beach Hotel, Gertrude Stein Room

Martha Silano is featured on one of my very favorite literary websites, Escape into Life.  I swear, they always have the image artwork and images on this site.  It's eye-candy, and Martha's image is literally eye-candy (and a little fireworks!)

What I love about the poems that are featured here is that 2 (two!) were started when we were together at Starbucks on Martin Luther King Way in Seattle.  "Schadenfreude" and "Circle" happened because on one weekday when I had a dentist appointment that required me to be in the city, we took a couple hours to talk and write.

I am always amazed how poems are born into the world.

Congrats Martha on these incredible poems!



  1. Great to see Martha, great to see another room at the Sylvia Beach Hotel!

  2. You're a dear to post about me and my Escape into Life moment! Thank goodness for friends like you, ever-willing to share your prompts, your time, and your enthusiasm for my work. I do love those fireworks--Kathleen Kirk does such a tremendous job!

  3. haha! I LOVE the imagery. Check out my book trailer when you get a chance. -Pierce


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