Christmas Gratitude: Free Copies of Letters from the Emily Dickinson Room

To celebrate this holiday season, I'm giving away some of my books as a way  to say thanks.

Thanks for reading.
Thanks for commenting.
Thanks for writing.
Thanks for the poems.
Thanks for keeping your own blog.
Thanks for linking to my blog.
Thanks for all the things I forgot to say thank you for.
Thanks for the things I never knew or noticed.
Thanks for listening.

Thanks. Thank you.  Thx.

Letters From the Emily Dickinson Room (White Pine Press Poetry Prize)

To kick things off, I'm giving away a signed copy of my new book, Letters From the Emily Dickinson Room (White Pine Press Poetry Prize).  If you already have one, you can still enter as I'd be happy to sign it for someone else.

If you'd like to win this book, just leave me a note in the comments that says something you are grateful for by December 31th, 2010.

I'll randomly pick a winner on January 1st, 2011 and help you celebrate the new year.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The second way I'd like to give away a few books is in "loaner copies."

NOTE:  I am currently out of loaner copies.  Thanks everyone!  I have sent them all out into your hands... Enjoy!

I know this year has been hard on many and many of us have been scrimping on things to save money.  While it's almost impossible for me to scrimp on books (I am an out-and-about bibliophile), I know some of us view poetry books as a "treat," and can't give in to every temptation.

So I've been thinking about how you too could get my book and I decided I can't make sure you win a contest (as that's cheating) and I'm not really sure who has wanted to buy my book, but hasn't because they just haven't had the extra money, so I've come up with Loaner Books.

Here's how it works:

I've set aside a few copies of my book (I even put old fashioned library checkout cards in them) and if you want a copy of my book to read because you haven't really been able to afford it,  and I will mail you one of these copies.

When you are done with reading my book, the only thing I ask is that you pass it on to someone else to read.  And then they can do the same.

Does that make sense?  (It does in my mind, but these days that doesn't mean much.)

It's kind of my own little library except no late fees, no return dates, no record keeping, and well, there's only one book.

 I'll let you know at the end of this post when I am out of them.

~ ~ ~

So there we are, your free ways to get a copy of my book:

Loaner Books
(Sorry, all out!)


a drawing for Letters from the Emily Dickinson Room
(don't forget to leave me a comment on this post to be entered into the drawing)

Happy Everything!

I'm out!
Loaner Copies are all out in the world!  Thanks for writing!  

Thanks. Thank you. Thx!

~  Kells



  1. I am prsonally grateful for the talented group of poets I stumbled upon in the last year (you being among them). They have helped me tremendously and have helped me regain my confidence and love for poetry.

  2. I am grateful for so many things that I could be here for hours so after some thought I have managed to narrow it down to one thing that I feel is most worth mentioning and that is that this is my grandmother's 94th Christmas. How could I not be grateful to have my feisty/funny/happy/a little crazy grandmother here to go Christmas shopping with as an adult? She's a tiny dynamo who still insists on wearing heels and a winter coat that is more about fashion than function even amidst a snowstorm. She tells me what to do and how to do it, drinks a beer mug full of wine with every lunch and a pastry for every dinner. She's always up for a ridiculously late night or early morning trip to Wal-Mart just because it's open 24 hours at this time of year and because it's one of those many little things that makes me happy.

    So there you have it - I am grateful for all that I am and all that I have but feel especially blessed to still have my grandmother here for yet another Christmas.

    Happiness to all at Christmas and always,


  3. I'm grateful for my fantastic&handsome husband!

    I already own a copy of the book but I would love to win another copy to give to a friend!

  4. These past few weeks, as the weather's gotten colder, I've been particularly grateful for shelter. Just seeing so many homeless people out in the cold has made me realize what a gift it is to just be warm.

    I'd love to win a copy of your book. I haven't read it and it sounds awesome (from Renee's review :) ). If I don't win, though, it's on my amazon wish list, so hopefully someone will get it for me for Christmas. ;)

  5. Kelli,

    I am grateful for your friendship

    that we share a love of good chocolate

    for long conversations where we never run out of words

    for sharing the words in our poems

    for the House of Sky and the House of Sea

  6. I'm so thankful for all supporters of poetry, writing, and the arts! Thank you to all those who support what we do.

  7. Hi Kelli~

    Where do you start when there is so much to be greatful for?

    I'm greatful for time to write and a wife that is supportive.

    I'm greatful for poets who help/teach other poets.

    I'm greatful for poetry that inspires, widens one's view of the world as well as poetry that entertaines.

    That's a start. :)

  8. The courage to shuck a bad job in favor of four months of writing and an uncertain financial future.

    Four months of a residency with a loving community

    The universe acknowledging/celebrating the risk with an NEA six weeks before unemployment

    Every single new line, draft, idea and poem. Always.

    My online community, which allows me to live in actual isolation without feeling (too) isolated.


    Warm, silly dogbabies.

    Flannel sheets

    Hot tea.

    Morning light. Afternoon light. Moonlight.

    New books of poems by amazing writers.

    Libraries, libraries, libraries.

  9. I am greatful for many things including finally finding a great place to live with a great roommate and finally being able to visit my family. But what I am especially greatful for is my friendship with Paul Allen Schafer who died on May 18, 2009 at 66 years old. I couldn't find him for 5 months (to the day) when i finally found his obituary online. Sad story and it hit me hard but it's not often that a special person can so change your life as he certainly did mine. Three days after finding out, i wrote an essay about our friendship. It broke me from my longstanding writer's block. And in the past year, I've reflected frequently on that friendship in essay and poetry and i'm so thankful--though sad to lose him--to have that friendship to reflect on this past year...

  10. I'm grateful for everything in my beautiful little life.

    This is a great thing you're doing. Best to you and your family this season.

  11. I'm grateful that I survived getting hit by a car.

    I'm grateful for my dentist, who gave me new front teeth that look just like the originals.

    I'm grateful for the new friends I made this year.

    I'm grateful for my new writing group.

  12. I'm grateful I survived a brain aneurysm, a stroke, brain surgery, a broken back, and growing up poor.

    I'm grateful I learned how to read and that I now share story times with elementary school kids as a volunteer.

    I'm grateful that poets continue to write and share their works through readings and activities such as yours.

    Actually, I think I'm grateful for virtually everything in my life except for the knowledge of war, hunger, etc.

    Jerri Beck

  13. I am so grateful to know love in every form--even in the face of losing the loved one, the love remains, still standing.
    And I am grateful for the warm home and family who've taken me in; for the gift of language, laughter, and good espresso.
    Samara Seibel

  14. I am grateful for writers, artists, photographers who share their work through blogs. I have found so many inspiring, generous, interesting, wonderful people just through blog surfing. Reading blogs is like having animated, interactive magazines and penpals--and I love that! I would love to win a copy of your book--and win or lose, I will keep reading and enjoying what your write. Thank you!

  15. I'm grateful that I got invited to read in such a varied mix of venues throughout the year. I ended up reading in front of downtown hipsters, University Professors, sixth graders, and rowdy drunks. It kept things interesting.

  16. I am grateful for the rain. I've never experienced such a beautiful thing. We never get rain in the southwestern desert of the U.S.A.
    The sound of it, drumming on the windows like a symphony of drums. The undulating cloudy sky, stretched across the earth like a soft grey canvas.
    And the wind. Like so many days on the beach. The black stretches of rocky terrain speckled with briny signs of white tidal life. Soaring and sighing like the ocean waves breaking across the rocks. The sound breaking across my eardrums. Singeing my eyebrows with coolness.

  17. I'm grateful that as our family is facing a serious crisis, I have such a wonderful and supportive husband to forge this new territory with. I am thankful he views this as an interesting challenge and problem, whereas I am terrified. I am grateful that I can learn so much from his attitude.

  18. I am thankful that even though each day brings a new host of challenges, I am not alone, but have a family who will love me, no matter if I succeed or horribly fail.