Old School Poet Bloggers...

In yesterday's post, I called some of us who have been blogging for quite a few years now  "old timers" (and I am included in that mix), but as I write today's post with a list of these poets who had blogs back in the day I think I'll change that to Old School Poet Bloggers.

And yes, when I say Old School, I mean it in the good way, not "old school" meaning we're the cassettes while everyone has moved onto CDs, but that we've been here for a while. In fact, I've been reading, corresponding and following these folks since at least 2005.

To make sure I found this group, I went back and checked my old blogroll on the Wayback Machine (aka internet archives) from my now defunct blog to see what names still had a blog today and had done a post in December (the only one with before December post was Anne Haines, but since I always "see" on Twitter, she felt current.)

So here's the list of some of the Ol' Skool Poet Bloggers of who were around back then and are here, writing, and still blogging today.  

Here they are in *almost* alphabetically order by last name--

Seth Abramson
Deb Ager
Ivy Alvarez
Jeff Bahr
Mary Biddinger
Kristy Bowen
Eduardo Corral
Rachel Dacus
Lyle Daggett
Oliver de la Paz
Jilly Dybka
Justin Evans
Jeannine Hall Gailey
Anne Haines
Suzanne Frishkorn
Paul Guest
Esther Helfgott
Charles Jensen
Collin Kelley
Reb Livingston
Rebecca Loudon
Emily Lloyd
Cornshake (who I'm sure is still is not incognito, but if you go to this site, you'll know which poet this is)
Peter Pereira
Russell Ragdale
Steven Schroeder
Matthew Thorburn
David Vincenti
Wendy Wisner
C. Dale Young

***A pretty great list of people who have done a lot of pretty great things...



  1. I follow a few of these and will look forward to checking out the writing of others. Thank you for a great list.

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