The Details of Publishing a Book: January O'Neil Interviews me at Poet Mom ~

Sylvia Beach Hotel on the Oregon Coast

January has just posted an interview with me that includes the process of putting my book together and sending it out for publication.

Also, if you're in the Northwest or live in Oregon, or want to travel there, there's a sneak peek at a Writer's Retreat Susan Rich and I are hosting at the famous, literary-themed, Sylvia Beach Hotel next September!



  1. Nice interview with January. Your retreat sounds amazing! I only wish it wasn't during my first two weeks of school - middle schools don't give time off very readily at the beginning of a year.

    If you ever decide to do a summer workshop, please let me know! Otherwise, it will ten years until I retire and am able to partake in all the literary goodness that takes place during the school calendar.

  2. Thanks again for the interview, Kelli. I love hearing more about how other poets put together their poetry collections. Your story is inspiring.

    Very cool.


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