Great Documentary: Herb & Dorothy

If you're interested in the visual arts and documentaries that highlight some quirky aspect of the art world, you might really love this film.

Herb & DorothyHerb & Dorothy 

This was quite a charming documentary that focuses on Herbert & Dorothy Vogel, New York art collectors who live in a small one-bedroom apartment and have been collecting artwork since 1958.

When I think of art collectors, I don't normally think of a postal worker and his librarian wife.  But this is who they are (though now retired).

It's absolutely amazing the amount they collected.  They bought a lot of artwork by artists before they became famous and yes, stored them all in the small place along with a couple cats, and pet turtles.

I won't tell much more, but it's worth a watch.  Of course, if you like fast moving movies/documentaries, this isn't for you.

Oh and if you have Netflix, you can watch this instantly.
Runtime: About 90 minutes.