Bravo's new show: Work of Art - Recommend

I have always been inspired by visual artists.  In fact, it's probably a fantasy of mine to be an incredible visual artist (though I'm not).  So when I learned about the show on Bravo called Work of Art (designed just like Project Runaway, but for artists) I had to watch.

And even though I cancelled cable TV a week ago, I was still able to watch because most everything is available online! You can click on this link to get to Bravo and choose Work of Art Episode 1.  (Do not choose any show with the words "housewives" in it or you will be highly disappointed --um, or not, depending on your taste).

And for those of you living with non-artsy people, you'll be happy to know my husband (who is a firefighter, sports lover, and soon-to-be triathlete) thought the show was really interesting and I now have a buddy to watch it with (he hooked our laptop up to our big screen with an AV cable and we watched the show together like that-- pretty cool!)

This first week they had 13 hours to create portraits of the other artists.  It was really interesting to watch their processes and see how they came up with ideas.  I also love that one woman is 61, one guy has never taken an art class, and one artist who is a fry cook.

I'm guessing there are "real artists" or working artists who probably won't like show because they probably think "real art cannot be made out of a series of assignments or on a television show..." but I think what this does for someone like me is to watch 40 minutes of artists (real live living and trying-to-make-it artists) creating something from nothing and seeing and hearing their thoughts and processes as I create.

I have always been interested in the background of all artwork as well as writing.  I love to know where the ideas came from, what the writer or artist was thinking.  I think this show gives us glimpses into this part of an artist's life that we don't normally get to see--the creation.  Normally, we just see the finished project, I love that we get to see it go from the very first notes to the end.  

I already have a few favorites on the show and am looking forward of watching the rest of this series to see who wins and ends up with $100K & a showing at the Brooklyn Museum of Art.

Good luck artists, I'll be watching.



  1. Ah... I've bought into the show as well. Reality TV is not my thing but I did like the designer show and this looked interesting.

    One of the contestants, Peregrine Honig is from Kansas City (hometown). My wife too joined in, or I suppose I joined her because she turned it on first. I was wanting to see it, she actually knew when it was on so all worked out well. :)

  2. Sounds so good! I'm gonna be watching. Thank you.

  3. I just watched the first episode and it's amazing! So inspiring! I didn't expect it to be this good. Thank you again, Kelli.


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