Who Does She Think She Is - Released on DVD!

Who Does She Think She Is? House Party KitWho Does She Think She Is? House Party Kit

If you haven't heard of this documentary, here's the preview--

I just learned this out and available on DVD and a perfect price for the public to buy.  I am buying mine today as a late mother's day gift for myself and plan on having the party for other women (who are also my friends) who also struggle with balancing their art and raising a family.

This is a subject that comes back to me a lot.

I was never a girl who wanted to grow up to have a family, that was never in my list of dreams.  When I was marrying my husband a few months before my 25th birthday I told him straight out that if he wanted to have kids, I wasn't the one to marry because I couldn't guarantee I would want them.  I told him I would probably change my mind as I got older, but if he knew that children were a *must* for his future, I was not the girl for him because at 25 I honestly didn't know if I would one day want kids.

I remember him being annoyed and upset with me for my statement, but I never wanted to lead him on or have him think that kids were in our future when at the time, I knew I was way to self-centered to focus on anyone but us.

Eventually (oddly enough) at age 30, actually after a kayaking trip in Canada where I kayaked with orcas, four months before the new millennium, I knew I wanted to have a child.

From that moment on my life has been incredible different, but fulfilling in ways I had no idea about.  But as a writer and a creative person, it's been challenging to find my own space, to walk (read: make) my own path.

Anyway, I cannot wait to watch this.  (Though I promise to wait until the party.  No pre-viewing for me.)  I am interested to see how others women do it.

If you're also interested in this project, you can go to the Who Does She Think She Is website or  their blog.


  1. I agree-- the decision of having children is a mutual one, but in the end, it is the woman who'll carry the child for those nine months. Partners should be understanding; those nine months can be a blessing if you want them.

  2. THANK YOU for posting this. I read about it last year and it fell off my radar. I'm going to buy it now and plan a party this summer since a lot of my friends are instructors and we can do it up right in the summer.

  3. Ohmygoodness... thank you so much for sharing this. I'm totally planning a party in my head right now. Just ordered the kit. Very cool.


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