Things That Make Me Feel Rich - Gratitude Journal

There are some little things in my life that make me incredible happy and feel rich.  They are a reminder to me that I have a lot to be thankful for.  

So besides my family, friends, pets, community, and the beauty of where I live, here are a few things that make me feel as if I am the richest person around.

My Rich List--

1)  My coffeepot because it can be programmed to make coffee in the morning while I am sleeping.  I wake up to hot fresh coffee every day!  That, my friends, is awesomeness.

1a). A bag of ground coffee (my husband loves to grind the coffee for each brew, I do now.  It feels luxurious to open the cupboards and see a bag of ground coffee instead of whole beans.)

2)  The clock in my bedroom - my mum bought me this clock for Christmas that displays the time on the ceiling so I don't have to strain my neck to see what time it is. I just look up and there is the time on my ceiling.  Incredible!  I feel as if I'm living in a Sharper Image catalog with this most wonderful gadget.  And sometimes my cat walks by the clock and the time is displayed on him-- this is ever more fantastic.

3)  I have a radio in my kitchen and on Friday nights I get to listen to This American Life while I clean the kitchen and on Saturday night I get to listen to the Swing Years and Beyond. 

4)  Chai tea in the evening.   This always feels like such a luxury to me.  Chai tea and a good book before bed.  

5)  Keeping an extra box of Total Raisin Bran in the pantry.  

6)  Taking a nap in the middle of the day feels ridiculously luxurious.  And if I do it on a sunny day, I feel as if I've played hooky from the world.

7)  Perrier with a lemon twist in a 4-pack.  I rarely buy these because they are kind of pricy, but when I do, I feel as if I'm traveling on my personal Learjet to Paris.

8)  Hot water.  Every morning when I take a shower I feel thankful for being alive in the 2010.

9)  Eating dinner outside on a warm evening.

10)  Picking some flowers from my garden and bringing them inside to put on the table.  One of my very favorite things to do early in the morning so they are there the entire day.

11)  Regular books and audio books checked out from the library.  I think it is amazing that I can get free books to listen to and take into my home anytime I want.  

I am always shocked to find out some people never use their local library.  It is one of my very favorite places and my very favorite place in our library is the "New Items" shelf because it's not organized by section, so I'm more likely to checkout a book from a section I don't normally browse.

12)  A new radio station (or one we just found) KMCQ (104.5 FM) - we found a radio station plays "The Carpenters," along with Dan Hartman's disco classic "Instant Replay" circa 1978 (dear gawd, I love this song), Eddie Money, Michael Jackson, and Neil Sedaka's "Calendar Girl."

This is my favorite station to listen to in the morning because I never know what they are going to play.

So this is my shortlist.  These are the little things that make me unbelievable happy and grateful.  

What are you thankful for?  What are the things that make you feel rich?


  1. I am a follower of your blog and just wanted to pop in and let you know I love your blog and love to see fellow bloggers listing the simple neat things in Life.

    There is a giveaway going on on my blog too. Posting the winners tonight so not too late to enter.


  2. It's wonderful how it's the small things in life that make the big difference...Personally, I am thankful for my coffee in the morning, my tea in the evening, my library full of books, my blog, my followers and my friends. There's more too, it's just marvellous to pause and think about all the things you are lucky to have, it puts everything else in perspective.

  3. Hot water. Ah, who doesn't love it. :)

  4. And sometimes my cat walks by the clock and the time is displayed on him

    This made me happy to consider. My black cat waking me up with the correct time, not tuna time.

    One thing that makes me happy is reading something on a person's blog that I can consider for days.


  5. Thanks everyone. Gratitude journals are good for me too. I need them just to keep things in perspective.


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