So Not Poetry in Motion...

I've been a little out of sorts recently.

Not Poetry in Motion--

On Thursday, I crashed after 15 miles of mountain biking, I rode out of the trails onto the main road and up to our truck.  My biking buddy had brought her dog (who we always bike with) and when he ran over to some other mt. bikers, I turned my head to make sure the dog was okay and that there wasn't any traffic. As I turned my head my bike's knobby tires grabbed the groove between concrete & gravel and I went down.

I had always imagined that if I ever feel while biking, I would have that moment of knowing where I could make sure I didn't hit my head, maybe even prevent it.  Nope.  It happened so fast, it was the sound of gravel, pavement on skin, head hitting the pavement.


I have photos of my injuries but I won't post them.

My friend called my husband's work (he's a firefighter).  My husband was out on a call so she talked with one of the medics about what to look for in a concussion.  Even while trying to get my balance back, I was amused when I heard her arguing with the medic.

The rest of Thursday is much of a blur for me.  Friday I woke up with a headache and a very sore neck/shoulder.  My left side is roadrash, bruises and bumps, but no broken bones.  Yesterday I felt much better and more like myself, but my left arm/elbow still aches.


1)  I am ridiculously thankful for my helmet which did its job perfectly!  I will *never* ride without a helmet, even in our small cul-de-sac because it's why they call it an "accident" because it isn't planned.

2)  I will definitely return to mountain biking (and hopefully soon), but that Craig's List road bike I was going to get is now on hold because pavement is hard, dirt is soft.

3)  You cannot lose focus when you are riding your bike even for a second.

4)  I'll be fine.  Maybe I'll confess on Tuesday more on how this hit me emotionally, but I'm good and feeling better-- a little scraped and bumped, but not broken.

5)  My husband ordered me a bike ID bracelet after my accident (because I couldn't remember anyone's phone number, my friend had to go onto my cellphone to call him).  The saying on it reads:  Ride Hard.  Write Hard.

Here's me before the accident-- happy and so unknowing:

It's a larger lesson for me about life-- pay attention, do what you love, but stay focused and in the moment.  


  1. Wow - so so glad to hear the physical injuries were not worse! And amidst the tragedy, I'm glad a friend was there with you to help.

    It always amazes me how a simple second of re-directed focus can change our course.

    I hope you are taking plenty of time to heal. Our thoughts are with you!

  2. Kelli! I'm so glad you're ok. I thought of you mighitly yesterday as I drove through Kingston.

  3. Kelli, so glad you are okay and that you were wearing your helmet! Take good care of yourself. I prescribe tea and poetry.

  4. So glad you are okay! Thank goodness for the helmet. I am glad you were wearing one.

    I got hit by a car while on my scooter about 2 months ago and my helmet saved my life. I had a horrible concussion and broke 2 teeth, but without that helmet I know I'd be dead. I always get a little distressed when I see bicyclists or motorcyclists riding without helmets, because I know how important they are.

    And I'm glad you're going to return to riding! I would totally be back on my scooter if my spouse, boyfriend, and best friend had not put their feet down and told me I needed to give it a rest. But I miss it.

    Hope you're feeling back to normal soon!

  5. glad your ok! accidents always happen in that one moment you take your eyes away from what you are doing!

  6. Yikes! Feel better soon. And remember, protect the hands--you need them to type!


  7. Oh, my! I'm glad you're ok. And, getting that ID reminds me I really need to get one of my own (not a bike rider, but have latex allergy).

    Take it as easy as you can until you are fully healed!

  8. Hope you heal quickly. Definitely good to have that helmet on.

  9. I'm so sorry about the crash. I hope you are feeling better. I believe in helmets, too. It saved my little brother. :)

  10. Thank you all for your good thoughts! I'm feeling better and plan on returning to mt, biking next week.

    Valerie, yes to the bike ID bracelet-- here's the link where we bought ours:


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