Confession Tuesday - Sunrise Edition

Dear Reader, it's been one full week and many poets since my last confession.

My mind feels empty, but I'm sure there are things to confess.  Where to begin, where to begin?

To the confessional--

No matter what I'm doing, there's this heavy feel in my gut that says to me every day, "Millions of gallons of oil is being dumped into the sea and there is nothing you can do about it."


Every day I try to find a bit of hope in the herons that line our shoreline knowing their safety, health, and lifespan is just a matter of geography.


I confess my favorite things in life all have heartbeats.


I confess every day go from believing I have it all together to believing I have no idea what I'm doing.  I tend to think I'm somewhere in the middle, but on the worst days it feels as if I'm balancing a little over the edge or on the best days--there is no edge.


I confess that more and more I'm reminded that we need just enough money to be comfortable, warm & well fed because as the proverb says, "If you want to feel rich, just count the things you have that money can't buy."

It's easy to forget this in a culture that makes you believe you are less of a person because of what material goods you don't have.  You are not.  We are not.


I laugh when people say, "We're killing the earth" because the earth can get allow just fine (probably better) without all us humans screwing things up.  We're not killing the earth, we're killing ourselves.


I confess when I was at the bookstore and saw this quote I wrote it down:

"The Universe is friendly and life is on your side."

If this wasn't so long, I'd get it as a tattoo on my arm for a gentle reminder.


I confess I don't have any tattoos, but have thought about getting a wedding ring tattoo because I dislike wearing jewelry.

Of course, my friend who watches one of those Housewives of New Jersey/Orange County shows told me whenever someone gets a wedding ring tattoo, the marriage usually ends a few episodes later.  I try to remind myself I am not a reality TV star (though I play one in real life).


I confess I took a photo of the sunrise this morning because it was one of those perfect "God Exists" sunrises that is straight from the illustrated Bible books I used to have as a child.  I know how hilarious it is to believe I can capture the incredibleness of a sunrise or a moment in a photo, but I tried.  Or maybe I tried to capture God and the belief in this oil-spilled world that there is something good out there for us.



  1. I, too, feel heaviness at the thought of all the oil, oil that could be washing up on my shores any day now.

    I try to take solace in the idea that the earth can heal itself.

    Gorgeous sunrise picture! That gives me solace too.


  2. Oh wow. These confessions are beautiful, Kelli.

    Especially this one;

    'I confess my favorite things in life all have heartbeats'


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