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I have been trying to clean up my blog little by little and my next project is the "People in my Neighborhood" Links section (which is in the left column and down a bit).  I have a lot of out-of-date, non-working blog links, missing bloggers and whatnot, so I plan on cleaning that up in the next week or so.

Right now, it's very mishmash.  I realize a lot of the blogs I read regularly aren't even listed (sorry about that!) and there are blog links that lead to nothing (again, sorry).

If you have a blog and want it listed in my links, please leave me a comment in this post with your name (your real name, pls.), your blog's name, & the blog link and I'll link you up.    Or if your blog is there, but my link is incorrect, please let me know that as well.

Hope to have this blog happy and clean soon.  Okay, it is happy, but I'd like to continue tidying it up so it's also happy on the eyes and clicks.


  1. Kelli,
    You are a generous poet and poet appreciator. Thank you for inviting others in.

    Please link me up:
    Drew Myron
    Off the Page

    Thank you.

  2. i'm in the neighborhood!

    carolee sherwood


  3. Hey Kelli,
    Is Alaska in the neighborhood?
    Erin Coughlin Hollowell

    take care,

  4. I am a predator, call neighborhood watch:

    Patricia Lockwood

  5. I am new in the hood, but I think you know me! It's only been since November -- but I am enjoying time in

  6. Hi Kelli,
    I'd like my name etc to be included and thanks! I enjoy stopping by to read. -Pam

    Pam Hart
    A Walk Around the Lake

  7. Hi, Kelli,
    Please add me to the neighborhood.

    Sandy Longhorn
    Myself the only Kangaroo among the Beauty


  8. I moved, but am in the same neighborhood. My new blog:



  9. I'd love a link:

    Geographically, I'm about as far away from your neighborhood as it's possible to be and still be in the 48 contiguous states. Poetically, my house is just around the corner from yours; it's the one with the big porch, which looks so inviting, and a scraggly yard, which looks a bit scary until everything starts to bloom.

  10. Hi Kelli,
    Please add me to your blog list...

    Bernadette Geyer

    Thanks! I've already got you listed over at my blog.


  11. Hi Kelli --

    It would be fantastic if you could add me.

    Karen Weyant

    Thanks so much!

  12. It would be great if you could link me! Thanks!

    Maya Ganesan

  13. If you have room can I be listed ?
    Just Jessie Carty at



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