WINNERS!! - From the Great Poetry Book Giveaway!

First, let me thank all of you who participated either by hosting a poetry giveaway on your blog or by entering these contests. My hope with this project was to share our work as well as our favorite poets with each other. Even if you didn't win, I hope you found a new blog to follow, a new poet to look into, or just realized the amount of incredible poetry that is out in the world, many by authors we haven't discovered yet.

Now, with all that said, let's get to the WINNERS! and I have a stack of them since I hosted 2 other giveaways on my blog.

Since we have friends from Montana visiting this weekend, I will list the winners but contact them on Monday when my time is a little more leisurely.

If you're a winner and you see your name on this list, please email me at kelli (a) with your mailing address and I'll get your book out to you this upcoming week.

Can I have the envelope, please?

BOOK of KELLS Giveaway - sponsored by me.

Here are the winners--

Winner of my collection, Small Knots is Julie Bloss Kelsey (of the blog Stars in my Sugar Bowl)!  * * * And note to Julie:  I'm happy to sign this book to you or someone else if you want to give it as a gift.

Winner of one of my favorite poetry collections, Open House: Poems by Beth Ann Fennelly is Tara Mae!

Winner of a year subscription to the literary journal, Crab Creek Review is Gail White!

* * *

Giveaway sponsored by RACHEL CONTRENI FLYNN for 2 books of Tongue

Winner of Tongue (#1):  Stephanie Goehring
Winner of Tongue (#2):  Jessie Carty
Winner of a 1 year subscription to Crab Creek Review:  Frogtown !

* * * *

WHITE PINE PRESS bundle of books giveaway sponsored by Dennis Maloney of White Pine Press:

Winner of Bundle of Books #1:  Pam Hart
Winner of Bundle of Books #2:  Lisa of the blog LifeUnity
Winner of Bundle of Books #3: Bernadetter Geyer
Winner of Bundle of Books #4: Valerie (who also left comment #4 coincidentally!)
Winner of Bundle of Books #5:  Nandini

~  ~  ~  ~

So wonderful readers and poetry lovers, thank you so much for taking part in this giveaway.  I'd love to hear any suggestions, ideas, if you'd like to do it again next year, etc.

And to the winners, drop me an email at kelli (a)  with your mailing addy so your books can fly from me to you!

Hoping you all had an incredible poetry month!

Cheers to you all,
~ Kells


  1. I'm doing a happy dance right now! I'm so looking forward to recieving the books from White Pine Press!

    Thanks again to you and EVERYONE who were willing to do give-aways. I enjoyed so much going around to the blogs, and know there are many, many I will go back to again.

    Sending you an email now :-) !

  2. Kelli, this is great news! Thank you so much for the book. You can sign it to me, me, me!! :D I'll send you my snail mail address now.

  3. Congratulations to the very lucky winners! Theresa

  4. Wow wow wow!!! I am so thrilled... Thank you for organizing this! And congrats to the others as well!

  5. Hi Kelli,
    Let's do it again next year, yes! I wonder how we could let even more bloggers and poetry lovers know about the giveaway? I love the idea of letting school teachers know so that students could learn about the books of poetry in the giveaway -- a great school project...And I would be happy to work on a press release with you. We could have a template up so bloggers could just fill in the information on their local news outlets. What do you think? Much love and thanks for doing this...Susan

  6. YAY!!! I am so excited!! Thank you so much for this wonderful gift (I've sent you my mailing address via email).

    And as I emailed, I am thrilled to have taken part. I certainly look forward to next year!!

  7. Kelli, thanks so much for coming up with this idea, it's been great fun to meet so many new-to-me folks!

  8. Kelli: My book came today! :) So far, I like Sailing Lepidoptera the best, but that might be because when I got to Vacationing with Sylvia Plath I thought of a poem that I had written about Plath so of course I had to go looking for it. So I'm only on page 23 right now ...

    Thanks again for the book! :)


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