Confession Tuesday -late night edition

It's confession time, that Tuesday where we share what's on our minds...

Here's what I'm thinking about this Tuesday evening. To the confessional--

I confess I'm feeling much better after that bump to the head. Emotionally, I lost it for a few days. I'm not one who likes to lose it. I hate crying in front of people as much I know holding it in is not good for your internal organs. Still, I've never liked to cry in front of anyone.

When I look back at why I was so emotional, I think I scared myself a bit. I had one of those "what if" moments about 3 hours later.

I confess that after the fall when I felt as if I was getting worse, I asked my friend to google Natasha Richardson. I wanted to see how long it was from when she hit her head until she was rushed to the hospital.

I confess I never really worried about bumps to the head until the Natasha Richardson story. And I confess a lot of other people told me they felt the same way after she died.

But the emotional aspect of the fall, that's what surprised me. But it's been 5 days and while my arm is still roughed up, I'm good. Very good.


I keep referring to the movie "Iron Man 2" as "Tron."


I have romanticized living in Seattle in a loft. I don't live in downtown, but occasionally think it would be a good time-- What I forgot was the part about worrying about your purse.

Things that people said to me last night--

From a man wearing "mom-jeans": Can I show you my pleasure? So how is your pleasure? (this comment made me feel yucky about the word pleasure. Thanks, mom-jeans man.)

From a homeless guy- Here comes a big beautiful woman. (note: when you compliment someone, try not to use the adjective "big")


  1. Glad you are feeling better!
    Coincidentally, I was going to e-mail you some articles about the crime in downtown Seattle and in Edmonds. This is what keeps me from living in neighborhoods - crime stats are the #2 thing I look at before I move someplace.

  2. I felt the same way after a terrible flight with some very scary turbulence. It really upset me to all of a sudden be afraid of something that I had always loved and never thought twice about :(

    Glad you're feeling better! And I know what you mean about not wanting to cry in front of others. Trying so hard not to usually results in some truly ugly crying complete with sobbing that sounds like a goose honking!! ;)

  3. I have romanticized about living in Kingston :)

  4. Glad you are feeling better. Yeah, the Natasha Richardson story made us all look at bumps on the head a bit more seriously.

    Tron. Really?

    Thanks for your confessions.

  5. Loved reading your "Organization of a Creative Life ..." I am an artist — yes, creative. I am also organized and not a Capricorn. It happens. Wonderfully designed page, also.


  6. J9- Edmonds crime? That seems bizarre to me! ;-) Maybe outside the "downtown" area. I would think Edmonds would be safer than Redmond... no? I'd love to see the articles!

    Adrienne-- Ah, the ugly cry! I have mastered that. ;-) And I am with you on turbulence!

    Reb-- Ahhhhhh!

    Jan- I know, NR really changed the bump into something I feel I now really need to think about.

    Bertica-- Thanks and glad you like my blog. I have to ask, Are you a Virgo? Also very organized. ;-) Appreciate your note.


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