Two New Poetry Communities Online

I just joined these two poetry communities--

Read. Write. Poem.


Peerscribe A Social Network for Writers

* * *

I am still learning their benefits and exactly what they are, but thought I'd let you know about them and if you're already a member, would love to know your thoughts and how they are beneficial to you.



  1. i just signed up for Read Write Poem but it does seem to be a pretty nice community. i haven't checked out the other one but thanks for posting it :)

  2. Read Write Poem is an awesome site. They do prompts each week. You post a link to your poem and others check it out and comment. They also discuss poetry in depth there.

    Feel free to check out my poetry link exchange site, if you haven't yet. Its called Poets Who Blog.

    Thanks for posting about Peerscribe. I'll tell the PWB members about it.



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