I told you how much I loved the new book Sunday at the Skin Launderette (Poetry Book Society Recommendation)
by Kathryn Simmonds, but I didn't share any of her work. Basically, I said, "I'm eating the best cheese and drinking the best wine," but didn't give you a taste.

Sorry about that.

Here are some favorite lines from Kathryn Simmonds--

From the first poem/first line in the book:
"Lie dow with me you hillwalkers and rest..."

From the prose poem "Afterword"

"I also lied about therapy. I lay back on a bench instead and
told my trouble to a drunk who stank the stale cider and
relieved me of my cigarettes. I lied about my one good kidney
and the ballet lessons. And the pills. I lied about my childhood
in Somerset where I learned the taste of crab apples and swam
like Esther Williams in a turquoise lake wearing a costume
splashed with orange sunflowers..."

The opening to the poem "Stationery"

"Your love of it will get you into trouble one day:"

From "Suburban Love Song" --

"I am giving my heart to the cul-de-sac,
the loll-de-sac, the mull-de-sac,
I am falling in love
with the privacy of sodium and hedge."


I am so enjoying this book, I will feel bad when I have fully completed it.