Summer and Filling Up

As I've said, I don't write very much in summer.

And truth be told, I submit very much either (actually, that's an issue that goes all through the year...), but in summer all I want to do is play.

Last year I took a hiatus from my blog. This year, I've tried to write, but it's been random. I have shown up for Confession Tuesday, but occasionally, a day or two late.

I've heard people say that you should write every day. I think that's great when you're writing, but I think intentional time off is important too. Taking time out to live and fill yourself is important and sometimes it creates this urge to write. (I have that now.) I want the rain to come so I can curl up in my shed and write.

But I will wait until September.

I will be the glass that is filled to the brim and waiting to overflow.

I guess the key is intention. Be aware if you're on a break and set a time when you will return to your writing.

This pup on the hammock, that's me these days, except insert mountain bike into the picture. There we are, summer and the hint of fall. A few more weeks and life will be coffee, non-pariels, shed.

Life will be a closed door, a space heater and an empty, but filling page.