Poets in Our Neighborhood

Some interesting things on the blogs lately--

To see great photos from Breadloaf, check out Molly Sutton Kiefer's blog


Victoria Chang is writing about the challenges of being not just a writer: I think women, or at least people like me, feel guilty for not spending more time with their children. We are limited by what we can do to be like an Atul Gawande. I'm not at all complaining about my situation, because I certainly have it better than most people in terms of childcare freedoms, etc., but I do think it's different for a man versus a woman.


January (aka Poet Mom) has some great thoughts and ideas on her blog--

She's on a "money fast" -- This is the second day that I have not spent any money. Nothing. Nada. Zilch.

Her thoughts on poetry--
After a long period of not writing, I really enjoy overdoing it and writing in overdrive. . .So I am writing, sorting through what’s worth saving. What an ugly, humbling, spiritual process


And we will end with Molly again and her notes from a Breadloaf talk/panel with Louise Gluck on the Yale Younger Poet Series...

Great info!