Yesterday I posted on books that inspire me, but I thought I'd go a little more personal and let you know my routines, rituals, and how I find inspirations when I feel there is none.

My routine--

When I'm in my "practicing writer" life, which goes from September-May/Junish (depending on the weather). On my writing days, this is the schedule I try to keep for myself. Because I'm a Capricorn, I can be a little heavy on the "planning" of life. Humor me here...

My schedule on a writing day--

Wake up 7ish (note: though I consider myself a night person something odd has been happening in me causing me to wake up at 6ish)

7ish- Have breakfast turn on computer (I have breakfast before I do anything else)

7ish-7:30: Have Total cereal, read emails, read blogs (This is my quiet time...)

7:30-8:30: Breakfast for other family members & pets, life's details, dishes, listen to NPR in the background, shower.

8:30-9: Make lunch for my daughter, leave for school.

9ish - drop daughter off at school, either go to the gym/ride bike/walk dog or a combo of all of the above. Something physical, if I'm aching to write, I skip it (and throw in yoga, walking the dog, etc. in the evening).

10 ish/10:30 - Write. If I'm good, I don't get lost in email. If I'm really good, I go to the poems, essay, creative writing first. If I'm having trouble creating new work, I revise, work on Crab Creek Review projects or submit work.

Noon- lunch with husband if he's home, lunch alone in writing shed if he's not.

Noon-4 Continue writing and try not to get lost in distractions.

4-9:30: Life, family, writing group, yoga, dinner, commitments.

9:30: When the family sleeps, I write and finish the things I neglected. A lot of creative new work comes out of this time. It is when my writing is the strongest. I think many of my best poems have been written at this time. It is a time when nothing is asked of me, I have no upcoming commitments, anyone I need to pick up, nothing I need to do. Even sleep is optional when I'm working hard at night.

I feel completely at peace as a writer at night. The noise of the world quiets and I can get the most done.

I think the hardest part of the writing life is balance. Whether it's parenting, a full-time or part-time job, there is always something that will take us away. But that's always the way, with anything we do. So we work with it.


  1. i am a night writer, too. even at the point when i can't keep my eyes open any longer i sometimes scratch in my journal the solution to something i've been plucking at all day. it's definitely magic time. witching hours. :)

  2. C--
    Yes, it's the same way for me. I bet there are a lot of us up writing each night! Thanks for your note!

  3. i used to always shut down at night and just read but i'm finding i am more and more of a night writer!

  4. Jessie--

    I think night writing is good because in certain ways we're more creative and will write things we wouldn't write in the daylight hours. I'm not sure why, but I've found that with myself.


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