Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Color Me Versatile... Or a Homebody... (Award)

The Beatles fishing from their window at Seattle's Edgewater Hotel

Donna Vorreyer chose me as one of the new blogs she is reading under the title--Versatile Blogger Award...  Thank you!

It's always nice to learn someone likes/reads/visits/knows of/is intrigued by/doesn't dislike/accidentally arrived at my blog, so I appreciate hearing this.

Of course, with every award there are rules.  I'm wearing a tiara as I type this.  Okay, I'm not wearing a tiara, but let's say I am as we look over the rules--

• Thank the person who honored you and print a link to their blog. 
Thank you, Donna!  And visit her blog here:
• Tell 7 random facts about yourself. 
Check right below...
• Pass the award to 15 new-found bloggers. 
Okay, 15 is quite a lot, but I'll do a post on my 5 new favorite blogs and who I'd pick soon.
• Contact each blogger who receives this nomination. 
Will do. X5

So 7 random facts about myself--

1)  While I am not wearing a tiara, I do keep one in my armoire and I plan to wear it the next time I get my driver's license renewed.

2)  I have no tattoos.

3)  My middle name is the same as Oprah's, though I tend to think our bank accounts not as similar.

4)  I love love love peach jelly bellies.  But I do not love (or even really like) peaches.  
I do like the song by the Presidents of the United States of America (called Peaches)

5)  I believe the children are the future.  Wait, I don't-  that's an old Whitney Houston song. I believe the calendars marked 2012, 2013, and above are the future.

6)  As an undergrad at the University of Washington, I could have gone to a comedy show for $10 by a new cool young comic.  My friend was also a communications major and invited me to meet him while he interviewed him.  It all seemed liked a hassle and well, they didn't get the "really good" comic everyone wanted, Yakoff Smirnoff.  So I said no (as usual) and stayed home.  And the name of that new and up-and-coming comic:  Jerry Seinfeld.
Yep, I've been making those good decisions since 1990.  
(I also said no to seeing these two new groups my friends said I had to see-- Nirvana and Pearl Jam).  Yes, I'm a visionary and trendspotter, as you can tell.
I'm always where the action is not.
(Note:  My much older sister bumped into Ringo Starr at the Edgewater in Seattle when they visited in the 60's.  He gave her a kiss on the cheek, while my other 3 sisters snuck into the hotel to find her and any other Beatle they could find, so apparently, this "staying at home" is not something genetic, but self-induced.)

7)  Despite being "the one who stayed home," I'm kind of like my life. A lot.  

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