Thursday, December 30, 2010

Thankful Thursday - (Favorite New Blogs Edition & a Look into Blogger Past)

My friend, Susan Rich asked me to send her some of my favorite blogs.  I realized, I read a lot of blogs and this year, have picked up a few of the newer blogs to read. (Note: the blogs aren't new at all, I'm just new to finding them.)

I do hope to put together a list of favorite "old timers" with folks like Charles Jensen, C. Dale Young, Suzanne Frischkorn, Collin Kelley, Jeannine Hall Gailey, Peter Pereira, Paul Guest, Aimee Nezhukumatathil, Victoria Chang, Jeff Bahr, Eduardo Corral, and others.  These are the folks who I am very thankful for and folks that were blogging early on.

A lot of us have been blogging for a long time.  Even before many even knew the word blog.  I know a few of us came over from LiveJournal to blogger together.  The first blog post I ever wrote was:  Dec. 31st, 2002|09:25 pm  on my LiveJournal account.

So that makes 8 years this New Year's Eve.  Amazing. (I am thankful for these 8 years.)

There are about 2 years I lost to when I deleted my first blogger account after feeling what Jeannine calls "online shy," feeling as if I had put too much about myself out there then became self-conscious, concerned who was reading it or what they'd think.

Then I remembered I was a writer and that's part of the job.

But Susan asked me what I'm reading now and here's an incomplete list of blogs I have found over the last year that I'm thankful for

(btw this list definitely doesn't include all the blogs I read, I just wanted to share some of the blogs I've started reading this year & apologies for those I left out as I know there are a few I inadvertently missed) --


Kathleen Kirk:

Maureen Doalles:

Self-Improvement/Lifestyle Choices/Changes Blogs:  (about living simple & in the moment from one woman's perspective - very positive person)  I believe she's a Seattlite too!

Bubblegum for the brain blogs...

Totally quenches my Capricorn desire for organization and ideas to keep my less cluttered.

Cool ideas for gifts 

A focus on cool, cute, interesting, orange things (my favorite color)

Inspiration for the unapologetic organized soul


So there we are.  Some blogs I started reading over the last year.  Hope you find one or two you like as well.

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