Thursday, June 24, 2010

Something I've Said-- The Secret to Writing Poems

You can still trust me on this one.

Originally published on the first (now deleted) Book of Kells, February 16th, 2006--

The Secret to Writing Poems--

The secret to writing poems 
is white chocolate, specifically Ghirardelli. . .

but also milk chocolate including Hershey's chocolate, but not Nestle's. For dark chocolate lovers, try non-pariels, they are also the secret as is Godiva for sonnets.

The secret can be found is some boxes of chocolate, but not in any where the filling tastes like fruit (i.e. cherry, orange, raspberry), but in the mix of caramel with milk chocolate, coconut and dark chocolate, and anything hazelnut. See's Candies: yes. Brach's: no. Swiss chocolate: yes. (even the rolls of chocolate you can buy at Ikea - Marabou chocolates, no nuts)

The secret to writing poems is not in Whoppers, Kit-Kats, orReese's Peanut butter cups, but there's magic in Junior Mints.

The secret to writing poems can also be found in Mint Tea (peppermint for a bit more spark) and Oregon Chai Tea.

On cold nights try cinnamon toast (sugar & cinnamon sprinkled over buttered toast) with hot chocolate (real not chocolate not Swiss Miss) with whipped cream (not Cool Whip).

In the summer, the secret is in a laptop, iced tea with lemon, and a bowl of fresh strawberries.


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  1. I disagree with Hershey's, but everything else is right on. And not just for poetry, but music too.


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