Monday, June 07, 2010

Some Quotes from the Documentarty- Who Does She Think She Is?

Maye Torres sculpting in her studio

Here are some quotes I jotted down from the women artists in Who Does She Think She Is?  I didn't get the names of who said what, most quotes were said by the artists-- sorry,   I was so enthralled in the film...

"I told my husband I thought I was going to die if I didn't get working in the studio."

"The US does not support its artists."

"Art is always a risk and sometimes it's a risk you got to take."

"Taking risks into the unknown is hard even if we know we want to do it."

"Creating art is not terribly important, but finding myself through art is."

"I did feel selfish at first and then I began to understand the power of living on purpose."

"...the joy and burden of being mothers..."

" imbalanced life is my little problem..."

"My dream is no longer safe and neither am I..."

"There was that thought, 'She's supposed to stop everything and be devoted to family.'"

"I should really live the way I like to live."

"We need to really hear from women."

In regards to kids-- "It's going to be better for them to watch me evolve as an artist."

"We all have to be goddesses."


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  1. Great quotes from a film everyone should see.


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