Saturday, June 12, 2010

Rachel Contreni Flynn's New Book: Tongue

I am reading Rachel Contreni Flynn's new book Tongue published by Red Hen Press and it's incredible.

Rachel was kind enough to send me a copy since I acted as her surrogate blog during the Big Poetry Giveaway in April.

I have her first book, Ice, Mouth, Song, which I love and this book, Tongue is just as good especially in opening lines. 

Here are a few of Rachel's openings (how can I not want to read the poem after these?)

This is the final day of years of sweetness.

We must love this world though it is flawed,

Our anger is a piano--

A scarecrow came for breakfast...


There is an image of a girl drowning a sunflower in a bucket that just stays with me.  And a boy running through a field of sunflowers trying to "snag this huge happiness."  This poem will be with me for a while with its vibrant images.  I love it when that happens, when a poem becomes part of my life. 

These poems are both hard and soft, but always beautiful.


  1. I've put these volumes on my list of next-to-buy. Thank you for the introduction.

  2. "Our anger is a piano" is a great line.


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