Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Confession Tuesday - Alone does not mean Lonely

I confess my confessions aren't as edgy as some would like, which leads me to confess that I am not an edgy person (surprise). In fact, I tend to like (love) routine and staying home.

I prefer intellectual exercise over physical exercise.

I like the microwave cleared and on zero and not some random number it was just left on, stopped mid-cycle.

I like cereal for breakfast always. I like BFD (breakfast for dinner) when it comes to omelets, french toast or pancakes.

I like my bed made every morning.

And I confess, I like to be alone more than I like to be with others. Or maybe I need to have just as much alone time as I do together time. Because I love seeing my friends, but I also love the space I get to myself to think or read or write.


I have been enjoying some at home time. In fact, I love time to myself and time to do nothing. I know many people freak out when they don't have anything to do or they randomly start calling people looking for activities. I confess I am not that person.

I love to spend time in my writing shed alone.

I confess there are many times I don't pick up the phone.

I confess I once hid under my desk when someone knocked at the door (you can see my desk if you were too look through our side window) because I was in the middle of writing and didn't want to be disturbed.

In this case, I think I may have taken it a little too far, though there's another part of me that thinks I got it exactly right!


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