Saturday, August 15, 2009


I've been thinking about signs lately and how we can create them even when there not there.

But here's the thing, if we're "creating" signs to make certain decisions, then don't we know that deep in our heart it's the right thing to do.

It's kind of like not being able to decide between keylime pie or healthy strawberries for dessert, so you flip a coin-- heads = keylime pie, tails = healthy strawberries. It comes up tails and you say, "2 out of 3..." We flip until we get what we want.

So if you know you want the keylime pie, why not just have it.

Many of us are good at saying no to ourselves or feeling as if we need to sacrifice.

Let's say you want a bike for $500, but you don't want to spend the money. That night you go out to dinner and a movie with your spouse to talk about the purchase. Dinner and a movie costs you $100. While you are in the movie, you get a parking ticket. Another $50. You are so bummed about the parking ticket, you buy a bottle of wine ($20) and drive home.

The next day your child needs $50 for piano lessons and you're having friends over a book club so you buy brie, hummus, crackers, selzer water, fruit and dessert ($20).

You think about the bike, but you don't buy it. In the last two days you've spent $240 on things that have been eaten, drank, watched, and played. You still don't have a bike. And you don't realize that you had 1/2 the money, but choose to let it go elsewhere.

I guess what I'm saying is that if we *really* want something, there are ways to get it and to be aware of our choices. Especially with money. Especially with time.

And all those signs we see around us or find inside of us. Listen to them. They are trying to get us all back on the right track. Or bike path.

We pull away from them sometimes because they seem too big, too grand, too expensive.

I'm suggesting not pulling away, but listening deeper to them. What is that voice inside you saying?

* * *

I recently heard of a writer/teacher who quit her day job to go surfing.

Chasing Waves: A Surfer's Tale of Obsessive Wandering

She was on NPR and said we should all have WAPs (Wild Ass Plans) and follow them. That's how she began on her journey, I think there are journeys for all of us out there, just take notes, listen and follow them...

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