What To Do With All Those Poems from NaPoWriMo?

Crab Creek Review is having its annual poetry contest and we want your poems!

And as an extra bonus, we're taking EMAIL submissions AND our poetry judge, is the fabulous poet, Susan Rich!  We are thrilled to have Susan as our judge this year!

A few things to know about submitting to the Crab Creek Review contest

1)  Many of the poems we choose for our issues come from our contest submissions.

So, even if you don't win the grand prize of $200 and publication, you could still be a finalist (and in our award section) or chosen to be published in our journal.

2)  When you enter the Crab Creek Review Poetry Contest, you help keep our press alive.

Seriously.  Along with subscriptions, the money we receive from our poetry contest helps the journal stay afloat in this tough world.  So when you enter, you are really saying, "I support independent publishers and literary journals" because you are.

3)  One thing people don't realize Crab Creek Review is we try to give back to our writers in as many ways as we can.

Each year, we give out our Editors' Choice prize, $100 mailed to our favorite poem, story, or essay published in the previous year.

We try to support our writers in all their successes, having guest bloggers on our Crab Creek Review blog to promote their work to sharing it on Facebook

Once we have published you, our relationship is not over, but just beginning.  We will look for future submissions from you and unlike journals who want to publish as many different writers and poets, we are happy to publish you again and again.

And one more thing, we are a beautiful perfect-bound print journal that you'll feel proud to be in and share with others.


Here are the guidelines for this year's Poetry Contest:

Guidelines for Crab Creek Review's 2012 Poetry Contest
Entry Dates: March 1, 2012 - May 31, 2012
·         Submit up to 3 previously unpublished poems.
·         Entry fee: $10, payable (PayPal button on the CRAB CREEK Website) to Crab Creek Review.
·         Email submissions only.
·         Send your cover letter in the body of the email (not in an attachment). It should include your contact information: name, email, mailing address, a brief bio, and the names of the poems you are submitting.
·         Send your poems in an MS Word Doc attached to your email. Please send your work in New Times Roman and 12 pt. font. Title your attachment with your full name and “Poetry Contest”. Please send your 3 poems in one document, not three separate documents.
·         Name and contact info should not appear on poems.
·         Send contest submissions to (after PayPal payment): crabcreekcontest@gmail.com
·         Simultaneous submissions acceptable when noted in cover letter, as long as we are notified immediately if the work is accepted elsewhere.
·         Deadline for all submissions: May 31, 2012.
·         The winning poet will receive $200 and publication in Crab Creek Review.
·         All entries will be considered for publication.
·         The winner will be determined by our guest judge, Susan Rich 
(We ask that friends, associates, and students of the judge not submit to this contest.)

I included the links to the PayPal cart if you want to submit, but in case they don't work--

Go here to ENTER!  Deadline May 31, 2012

Thank you so much for your support of our journal!