Upcoming Summer & To Blog or Not to Blog

C. Dale Young closed up his blog yesterday.  You can read the last post here.

When someone ends his or her blog, I always think to myself "should I stop blogging also?"

Blogging has always been a weird thing for me, yet something I've been thankful I've done.  I have had moments of feeling "online shy" and deleting my blog account without saving what I had written (bad decision).  But since 2006, I've been at this address.

Six years goes by quickly.  One reason I have a blog is that when I go to writer's website, I like to not see cobwebs and a blog offers me this--oh look, the writer is alive in the world and writing, connecting.

Still, keeping up a blog requires some work and definitely time.

I'll C. Dale's blog a lot, but thankfully, I still plan on being connected.  Now with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linked In, blogging is kind of old school... and wordy.

Talking to my friend Jeannine Hall Gailey last night, she said that people may prefer the quick connection--she used a great term I don't remember, something like fast socializing, I had to ask her what she meant-- and she said "like Facebook or Twitter" -- where you can connect with someone with just a quick read.

Like a soundbite?  I wondered.

Maybe we can call it short talk.  Jeannine said she was talky.  I can be talky too.  Sometimes 140 characters doesn't cut it for me.  So we will both be keeping our blogs, that is the answer.

That said, I did want to let you know that one thing about my blog is that it prefers lazy summers.  I will post throughout the summer, but it will be less words, more images.  It may even be less posts or forgotten confessions.  You may notice that my number of posts is directly related to the Northwest forecast--more clouds / more posts, less clouds, less posts.

I live under a grey cloudy blanket all year so when the sun comes out, I must go out and will be much less connected online.  But as someone who loves the school schedule, I will meet you back here in September.  Have a great summer, as I wrote in everyone's yearbook.



  1. I think it was "long-form content" versus "short-form content"?

  2. Disappointing because I in the past few months located his blog and enjoyed it. I found it after listening to an interview on our NPR station- Arts and Letters on Air.

    The interview prompted me to look for a web or blog site on Google. When it comes to writers, I guess I am more likely to give them - their work a closer work if they have a web or blog site and usually if is only if I find them that way am I likely to follow them on Twitter or Facebook. I guess you can call me Old School Michael.

  3. Donna Vorreyer7:04 PM, May 29, 2012

    I have cut back on my posts - most weeks I only get to the one poem I share with a prompt - but sometimes I feel I need the longer space to say what I want to say.

    Whenever you post, I will keep reading!

  4. Glad you're sticking around. My 10th anniversary as a blogger is coming up in early 2013 and I have no plans to stop. Yes, sometimes 140 characters just isn't going to cut it. :)

  5. After a series of lucrative projects that seemed to line themselves up just right, I can finally afford to take the summer off as I have been dreaming of since first stumbling on your blog. The thing is, now that I can do it I am having trouble allowing myself to. Go figure! I can finally afford time off to enjoy my little beach town just right but feel pulled to the computer. I think I need help. ;)


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