Confession Tuesday on Wednesday

Dear Reader,

I confess three-day weekends mess me up and I didn't confess yesterday because I thought it was Monday.

I confess I try not to be handcuffed to time, but in this culture, we kind of have to be.  If not handcuffed, then at tied together with a friendship bracelet.

I confess I have 3 (THREE!) writing dates this week.  1 on this side of the water, 2 on the other (Annette Spaulding-Convy & Ronda Broatch today, Martha Silano tomorrow at a cafe, and Susan Rich in her adorable town and writing studio on Friday).  This makes me feel rich with friendship.

I confess I still have more notes to post about the Skagit Poetry Festival and will do so before I disappear out on my paddleboard this summer.

I confess I also want to write my own post on beauty.  I have a lot to say.

I confess I'm off to my first writing retreat of the week, so I will end here.

Happy Spring.




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