Confession Tuesday

Dear Reader,

It's been a week of sunshine since my last confession.  A week of waves and water and weather that has turned Seattle into a flip-flop wearing town again.  Normally we wear wool and fleece until the end of June.  But warm weather has taken over I worry what it does to my brain.

So let's begin.  To the confessional--

I confess I've been daydreaming about Key West again.

I've never been there and when it becomes sunny in the Northwest I begin to question to live in a warmer, sunnier climate all year round.

What's interesting about Key West is that it is the southern most city in the continental United States.  And I live about 90 minutes from the Northernmost city in the continental US.  So I'm kind of thinking I'm wanting a least in the winter months where many in the Northwest suffer from SAD (Seasonal Affect Disorder).  This is where the gray clouds above us actually enter our minds.


I confess that I am a slow dreamer.

While I may be dreaming about Key West today, that does not mean I will visit there next year, or the year after.  I tend to hold my dreams, goals, visions, plans, in my head for about 2-6 years before I act on them or if you believe in *manifesting* things, before anything happens.

I think this is because for me, time has always moved faster than I do.

If I say I'm leaving in 15 minutes, 15 minutes will arrive at the door quite a bit earlier than I do.  This is not to say I'm always late, but when I do have to be somewhere on time, I have to plan to leave about 10 - 20 minutes earlier otherwise I will lose minutes.

It's as if my life's pockets are filled with holes, I'm always losing time like others lose pennies.


I confess I tried out my new paddleboard this week and *loved* it!

Me & my new board

It's definitely faster than the boards I have been renting from our outdoor adventure shop.  And ridiculous light--about 20 lbs. For mother's day, my husband bought me a new carbon paddle, so I'm excited to try that out as well.

In August, I'm the paddler a relay race.
10K SUP, 12K Trail run, 12K Mountain Bike Ride
I'm the 10K SUP (stand-up paddleboard).  So this is how I plan to spend my summer--on the water, so I'm hoping the weather continues to be as great as it has been.

I confess I have been writing lately, even with the sunny weather.

This is good for me because normally warm weather turns me into a hammock-loving character from a Jimmy Buffet song.




  1. "This is where the gray clouds above us actually enter our minds" I love this explanation. I usually descibe SAD as he absence of baseball season.

  2. I'm all to familiar with SAD. But gray weather makes good poets, I think (or at least this is the thought to which I cling in the dreary season). Glad you've found some sun.


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