What I'm Thinking About Tonight...

As a creative person who enjoys eating out, I have to make choices.

Time or money. Time or money.  The question haunts me.

In the end, I try to choose time as much as I can, but I do have to choose money sometimes (especially after terrible decisions that involve coffee and a laptop).

I'm working on my third manuscript tonight and trying to remain hopeful that everything will work out.

This is my creative life-- put it all in a bag and shake.  Hope nothing gets forgotten.  Try for the best, accept good enough.  Then work harder.

I am a working writer, a practicing human.

I wish I knew who drew this.  I see "Ryan" in the skulls... 

Either way, when you sit down to write know that I've been writing too.

Either way, promise me this will all work out.



  1. The Kahlo quotation really resonates with me this year. Despite loss and struggle and more struggle, and the fact that every time I think I've caught a break something comes up again, I just get up and live. I thought I'd be broken by now, but I'm clearly not.

    This will all work out.


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