Here are mine... @Tin_House: Super Sad True Habits of Highly Effective Writers: Part 1

Whenever I go to a writing conference or poetry festival, someone will always ask "what is your process when you write" or "Tell me about your writing day..."

We want to know the secret details, what do writers do to inspire them to write or how do they start their day...

Tin House has a great article about Super Sad True Habits of Highly Effective Writers, which you must check out here... 

but I thought I'd add mine below--

1)  Wake up
2)  Coffee
3)  check email
4)  Total raisin bran
5)  If working on mss, open mss file.
6)  If working on poems, open about 10 poems (so it doesn't seem serious)
7)  get a snack / more coffee
8)  walk back and forth to the kitchen
9)  turn off the internet
10)  write more

Somehow I manage to get things done...



  1. LOL - Love #6 - the more windows you have open the busier you are right?

  2. 1. Wake up. (I sleep with my wristwatch on so I can check what time it is without having to roll over in bed.)

    2. Stand at bus stop and take bus downtown (or, if weekend, to shopping mall.)

    3. Find something cold to drink and sit someplace drinking it.

    4. Sit with notebook open in front of me. (Talking about a paper notebook here -- I don't write poems on the computer.)

    5. Possibly write something.

    6. Come home, sit in front of T.V., watch (if anything good is on) or just leave it on as background noise.

    7. Possibly write something.

    8. Play on computer too much. Keep notebook nearby.

    9. Possibly write something.

    10. Go to sleep.

    11. Possibly write something.


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