Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Request: How often do you write?

Request: How often do you write?

More in the fall, winter and early spring than in the summer.

I used to try to write every day, but now it's probably every other day during the fall/wtr/spring  and once a week (or less or more) during the summer.

I don't really keep track of how many days I write because I always tend to be writing or creating.  If I find myself cranky and annoyed, then I know I haven't written in a while.

I can usually tell when something in my world is out of balance and try to respond to that with my actions.



  1. We are very similar in our writing habits! I, too, write less in the summer. And I also get cranky when too much time has elapsed between creative time (not simply writing in a journal, but actually drafting a poem). The summer hiatus makes sense, so I don't push it, but the rest of the year I have to be careful with getting my writing time in. Sometimes that means getting up a little earlier or staying up after everyone's asleep. But I've learned that a little sleep-deprivation beats not writing any day!

  2. I think geography is another factor. Summer has such different connotations, in our regions. Here in AZ, there is sometimes an oppressive side of the hottest days. You might as well just stay inside and write. While the "colder" months draw us outside for hiking, etc.

  3. good question, but a hard question for me. I tend to write more when I am busier so if I get bored I stop writing and end up just reading a lot. I write most days though despite the season although we shall see if I can keep it up when I have two classes of writing composition to teach *gulp*


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