Breaking (Poetry) News--

Two news items to share from two of my very good friends-- 

1)  MARTHA SILANO  has won the Saturnalia Book Prize (along with a large cabbage) judged by Campbell McGrath for her book From the Office of the Immaculate Conception.   

This is wonderful wonderful news!  If you haven't read Marty's work, you should.  She is an absolutely incredible poet.  Her last book was Blue Positive
Blue Positive

And that's her daughter on the cover.  I cannot wait to read what this next book brings.  Congratulations to Martha!  Well deserved!

2)  And if you haven't heard, JEANNINE HALL GAILEY's 2nd book (She Returns to the Floating World) has been selected for publication too by Kitsune Books & is scheduled for late 2011!  And Jeannine has moved on and chosen her cover art, which is gorgeous and perfect for her collection.  You can see it here. 

Jeannine's first book is:  Becoming the Villainess
Becoming the Villainess

Congratulations to both of these wonderful poets!  I am so happy for your both!



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