Foggy Procrastination...

We have had the oddest weather here in the Northwest, but it's been a bonus for me as I tend to write when it's foggy or cloudy, so this summer I've had the summer to write before it clears up at about 1-2 pm and the day turns warm and blue.

I'm procrastinating right now.  Yes, right now at the very second.  I am in the middle of proofing my manuscript, the third proof, and well, it looks perfect!  It looks as if every error has been fixed and well, that's a little scary/exciting/incredible as it moves it even closer to publication.

So in procrastinating I decided to look at my blog and had to laugh when I saw my Facebook badge on the left side of this blog because it says my name and then says:  Hometown:  none.  

It's kind of poetic.  Someone with no hometown.

And my overthinking brain tells me that since I have no hometown that it must also mean that I have every hometown, which is a nice though.

I think I want to change my hometown to "earth" as that's accurate too.

Anyway, this is me procrastinating in real time.  But I know I need to get back to my final proof.  I cannot wait until I hold the book in my hands.  

When it's printed and I find the box on my porch, you will be the first to know.

Thank you for reading and for all of your support.



  1. I didn't have a hometown listed for a long time because I wasn't sure what to list. Do I list where I lived until I was 12? Where I went to high school and junior high? college?

    It is an interesting question.

    And I have a cat named Foggy Bottoms. He could help you procrastinate as well :)

  2. Hey Kelli,

    I've decided that the cloudy mornings are the secret to being productive in the am, then heading out for pool and such in the afternoon. It's the perfect weather for poets! Have fun out there, o citizen of Earth. xo

  3. Jessie - love your cat's name. And hometowns are weird-- is it where we feel more at home, or the first house we were taken to? I think it's your choice.

    Marty-- yes!


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