Request - Creating the Environment to Write... Part 2

Here's the second question in response to my writing environment--

Do you need quiet [to write]? Does music help? If so what kind?   

When I am writing new poems, sometimes I turn on music if I'm trouble moving forward.

Here's my favorite background music:

1)  The Fray - How to Save a Life
  How to Save a Life
  ***I do not know what it is about this group, but when I hear their songs, I write some pretty good lines.  

This group has kind of a melancholy feel, so I would not play it if I wanted to write anything upbeat.  But they are my #1 CD to write to.

****I love this movie and love the music from it.  This is great music if I want feel as if I'm somewhere else.  Most of it's upbeat sounding.  Many less poems to slit-your-wrists-to are written way.

3)  Everything But the Girl Language of Life
Language of Life

*****This is one of my all-time favorite albums, but I can only listen to it in the fall as it has such strong memories for me at the University of Washington and driving around the U-Distict in autumn.  

But I love to use this as the opening album to my writing life, which truly begins in September.


Also, while I love music for creating new poems, I like silence when revising. I read my poems out loud and like to be deep in the poem without noise, so when I revise my work area is quiet.

Stay tuned for Monday's question and Part 3 ....



  1. Kelli:

    Thanks for fielding these questions. Interestingly I was turned on to The Fray by my daughter Meghan. I like the lyrical quality it has and listen to it driving a lot. Now to try it for writing. :)

  2. The Fray--"it's got a good beat and I can write to it."

  3. Language of Life by EBTG remains one of my all-time favorite albums. "Driving" is one of their best songs.

  4. Michael-- No problem! You can watch for your answers throughout this next week. It ended being 5 parts! (Good questions!- Thank you!) I hope my answers are what you are looking for.

    Anon- exactly.

    Collin-- I am right with you! I love that song. That is one of the only songs that can bring on a visceral reaction when I hear it. I know I've been crying and driving listening to that song. It can take me back years. I'm glad they are your fav too,


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