Your Good Deed

This was posted on the WOMPO listserv and I wanted to bring your attention to it as I think it's a very important cause, especially this year with a bad economy, I don't want our furry friends to be forgotten in all this.

Anyway, how you can help--

Go to this website:

And for the shelter name, write in: Natchitoches Humane Animal Shelter
City: Natchitoches State: LA

The Wompo member who posted this adopted a dog from this shelter and said the facility is in desperate need of a facelift.

She wrote:
The physical facility is appalling--cages open to the summer heat and winter cold--room for only 30-some animals, though about 2500 dogs and cats a year are dumped off there. The shelter personnel and the local Humane Society, of which I am a member, work like crazy sponsoring adoption days, foster programs, rescue missions sending dogs to Canada (where there is a shortage of adoptable pets), and low-cost spay and neuter programs

Anyway, please vote to help that community out. And while you're there, you can click on this daily--

The Animal Rescue Site

And just by clicking, donations will be made to animal rescue programs (and there are no awful photos of sick or hurt animals for the squeamish-- I know when I hear "In the Arms of the Angels" on that commercial by Sarah McLachlan for animal abuse, I go running for the remote).

For awhile the Animal Rescue site was having problems getting clicks (you can scroll down to see how many clicks they received over the past week), so if you remember maybe have them be the start of day or pass the info on to someone else so they continue to get clicks.