Confession Tuesday

Prayer Flags on the Cherry Tree in our Yard


Confession Tuesday

I have spent the last week at home, snowbound. I am not someone who minds not getting out, in fact, I have the tendency to be hermit. I like being home especially when there is enough food and I am warm. Despite one short power outage, I've had both.


I do believe in angels and miracles as well. I believe in worlds we don't see existing along side of us and in energies we have no idea about. I have wondered if because my family is Catholic (the religion of magical thinking), it is taught early on that there are other things at work greater than us. Maybe this is most religions.

I have felt I was much more spiritual than religious. I like churches, but I don't go to church because I think man can be a poor interpreter for God and I have always felt I have my own direct line.


I finished doing the Artist Way this week, a 12 week process. I didn't report on it as much as I thought I would. I think because so much of it is inner-reflection and putting it on a blog seems so big and so open.

But I'll cut and paste some thoughts from my last check in--

Here are some of my favorite quotes from the last chapter "Recovering a Sense of Faith" --

"Creativity requires faith." "Each of us has an inner dream that we can unfold if we will just have the courage to admit what it is." "I trust my own inner guide." "We are not accustomed to thinking that God's will for us and our own inner dreams can coincide." "Our truest dream for ourselves is always God's will for us." "By trusting, we learn to trust." will be rituals, or prayers of belief that will continue--whether its making a yearly poster, a vision board, or lighting a candle, I will take a moment to acknowledge there is magic, spirit, energy, a higher power, in the world and in myself. And I think this is what will continue to help me develop my sense of faith.

How does this relate to my writing and creative life? As artists, just by jumping into the world of creating we are saying "yes, we believe." We are small gods creating our own universe. We are saying, "I know the odds, the know the fears, what might not happen, and yet, I still write, create, paint." I still take part in this world that many have chosen not to or overlook. So this is where I'll end, in the realization that despite all my fears, I say yes to the creative life again. And would again and again. I trust that this is what I'm supposed to be doing and while I don't know the roadmap I follow, I believe it will all work out and I'm headed in the right direction...we all are.


Hope you all have a magical creative joyful holiday season no matter what holiday you celebrate or don't, may your 2009 bring you all good things.


  1. We're stuck at home too -- just watching the snow pile up and up outside.

    I'm quite frankly tired of snow. I don't like checking weather reports nowadays, because I know it'll just be more snow.

    I think the "other things at work greater than us" is most religions -- I'm not Catholic, and that's what my religion says, too.

    I hope it's stll possible to have a great Christmas when the snow's forced us inside. I think so, though.

    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year.

  2. I like the snow falling on your blog.

  3. How much snow have you had? Over the weekend, Northern Massachusetts received 18 inches.

    Merry Christmas, Kelli! I wish you and your family a creative, magical holiday, too. Thanks for all the great posts in 2008.


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