Hello Violin...

Here's some photos of my new (old) violin. From what I know about it, it's from Germany made by a violin maker named Carl Friedrich Pfretzschner (born in 1743, died in 1798). What I love about it is the sound (it's a very forgiving violin and if it were a wine, it would be full-bodied wine), the color (it has a lighter wood color than most violins), and the inlay mother-of-pearl detail of the flower on the tail piece.

I took these this morning--


  1. Oh that's a beautiful flower. What a nice violin to chat with.

  2. Oooo, pretty violin. I also was struck by the flower design on the tail piece. (Mother-of-pearl yet.)

    I took violin lessons for three years when I was a kid. Our grade school had a teacher who came in one day a week, a friendly patient man with a good sense of humor. I was in a small violin class (three of us, I think) and we also had a small orchestra. I did that for three years, and for two of those years I also went to violin lessons with another teacher after school once a week at a music school downtown.

    I enjoyed playing in the classes, but was bored with practicing -- I wanted to do other stuff, read comic books, watch T.V., etc. (I strongly disliked any kind of homework, and got through most of school doing hardly any homework of any kind.)

    I played a three-quarter size violin, that we found at a neighborhood violin shop in Minneapolis (that was back at a time when there were such things as a neighborhood violin shop). I remember it also having a somewhat lighter-than-average color. I liked the sound of it (it had an especially sweet E string) though not sure how good a judge I was of that. I remember the fingerboard on mine as having a little less glossy color than yours, though that may just be an effect of the lighting in the photo.

    I gave up the violin, but just as well -- a few years later poetry bit me, and I'm still experiencing the symptoms.

    Enjoy -- happy notes! & HNY!

    (Word verification is "whidsons." Sounds like someplace where there's a British cricket match going on.)

  3. Maya & Lyle-- wishing you both a fantastic 2009!

    And Lyle, thanks for your story, my daughter has a 1/2 size violin, pretty adorable!

  4. That violin has a lot of character.

    I played viola in college and high school. I miss it.

  5. Valerie,

    I missed playing my violin as well and I think that's what made me want to go back and also, to do it better than I did in my youth. Not just to be able to say, "I played the violin" but to be able to take it out and play it.

    My friend played the viola and I loved its deep sound.

  6. I love the old violin. I had played for a while and would like to get back into it. Is it for sale? Possibly? Let me know if you are interested in selling it, I am in the market for one, thanks,


  7. amazing violin, :) looks god and awesomes


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