Confession Tuesday

It's been another week and confessions are popping up on blogs to remind you that it's Tuesday. This is the morning edition to midday edition to late night of confession Tuesday. I sometimes think my morning and late night editions offer a little more than the confessions typed at lunchtime. I think we're more likely to share our secrets as the sun is breaking or turning in for the night. I've never been good at keeping secrets until I got older. I sometimes wonder if this is just a matter of forgetfulness and not maturity. My confessions for the week--

Strangers have been doing random acts of kindness to me this week-- a free bag of gingerbread cookies at the bakery (I tried to pay for them and she said no), the waitress at a Greek restaurant brought my husband and I out free dessert, and a stranger poured me hot apple cider when she learned I was cold. All these acts have warmed me. Of course, I'm supposed to be doing my 3 good deeds, so they've also reminded me I need to get on the ball.

There will always be women who still act as if they are in high school. Remember, it's not you, it's them.

I think the best Christmas present I can give others is to try to be more patient.

My best Christmas present I could be given would be if an editor emailed me to take my second mss.

I have been so busy lately that today I felt as if I was actually spinning in circles in my house. As someone who prides herself on *not* being overly busy, I've just had to deal with this and realize it is temporary and that next week I will not be so overloaded.

But, the things that I've been doing have been pretty fun.


  1. Fingers crossed for your mss.

    Word verification: topilsop

  2. Yes, I agree. It would be a Christmas gift to all of us! I am so looking forward to seeing your next book.

  3. I agree - I so want to see your next book!

    It's possible to read Small Knots a million times without getting bored of it ;)

  4. 'Tis the season for random (and not so random) acts of kindness.

    My wish for you: Your manuscript finds a home in early '09!


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