Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Confession Tuesday

Forgive me, it's been one week until my last confession.

I confess that anxiety has gotten the better of me lately.  Maybe it's the moon, maybe it's skipping my vitamins, I do not know, but since Friday I have not felt like myself.  Well, I've felt like myself but myself with tasmanian devil mind, spinning, spinning.

I have felt unsettled.

A few people have asked me about it.

When I tell them that part of it might have been from proofing my book, they don't understand.  A friend today said, "But you finished your last proof, why would that cause you anxiety?"

I wish I could say.

I hate feeling anxious when I'm not sure what it's tied to.

I hate feeling as if my thoughts and reality are not shaking hands, but running in separate directions.

I confess a part of me wonders if I'm feeling anxious because I haven't been writing.  Not writing can make my cranky and crazy.

Today I was thinking of the word, "Inspired" which means, "in spirit."  When I do not write, I feel as if that part of me is disconnected.

Moonstruck:  lunatic: insane and believed to be affected by the phases of the moon

I think the moon is telling me to let go a little bit.

I think my mind is telling me to hang up the collect-call to my self.

I think nature is saying through the mourning doves, it will be okay.

July's full moon occurs with the moon in the constellation Capricornus, the Sea Goat. 

This Sea Goat girl is wondering if that's why I'm all eclipsed out.  Moonstruck.  And hoping this will pass soon.


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