Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Confession Tuesday - 7 Deadly Sins

Dear Reader,

I have taken part in most of the seven deadly (deadly? that's such a strong word) sins this week. How does things happen to me?  So since it's Confession Tuesday I thought I'd go over what I've done

Gluttony-- I confess I'm a sweet tooth to the point where I prefer dessert over small talk.

At Elizabeth Austen's reading for her new book (which was awesome!), she mentioned she was serving pie.  Dear Reader, this was enough for me to completely lose focus on the poetry and go into a mindful repetition of "I wonder what kind of pie?  I wonder what kind of pie?  Keylime?  Apple?  Chocolate cream?"

I confess I love dessert.

In fact, when the reading ended, I said hello to a friend then took off to the pie area.  Blackberry & cherry.  I was first in line for the blackberry.  Reader, I was both slightly embarrassed and proud for being first.  I must admit there was a certain satisfaction for knowing I got the first slice.  (And yet, there was the deadly sin of greed spinning around me.)

What was interesting was there was a hipster doofus next to me, who also wanted pie (cherry, of course as that's what hipster doofuses eat for the irony of it).

I could tell he also had a sweet tooth, he was the male version of me moving up to the table, but he was not embarrassed that he too was controlled by his pie dreams.  In fact, he made comments almost to get his pie cutter woman to move more quickly (!! at this point, I felt we were in a race against each other to get pie first), but he was much more self-assured about this decision to be first in line for pie.  And I envied that (sin 3!)

We waited for the first slice.  The blackberry pie cutter was killing me with her slowness and precision.  And we were served at the exact same time.

But here's the thing, when I had pie and walked back into the group of people, no one could look away from me.  They all wanted pie.  And here is part four of the seven deadly sins, pride-- yes, I felt it.

So I confess I broke 4 of the 7 deadly sins just getting pie.  Actually 5, if you include Wrath for my annoyance at the slow pie cutter.  Though it wasn't really wrath, I liked her, I just was being very pie-oriented at the moment.


I confess as far as I know, I did not lust for anyone last week, though this sounds a little sad to write.


I confess I always partake in sloth, though I do not consider a deadly sin, just a nice way to recharge.


I confess the reason my iPhone wasn't recharging is because I somehow got cookie in the space where you plug it in to charge.  Though I don't think this counts as gluttony.


I confess that maybe we shouldn't look at the 7 deadly sins as deadly, but  maybe they should carry a warning label: "might cause heartburn" or look at them more as "pesky,"  that has such a better ring to it, the Seven Pesky Sins.

Thanks for listening.  I'm kind of hungry as I finish this up.  September & Apple Brown Betty season is only 2 1/2 months away...




  1. I must confess, my relationship to pie probably rises to the level of Lust. (By the way, the pies were from Shoofly Pie in West Seattle.)

  2. The pie was incredible! As was your reading. I will have to checkout Shoofly Pie. Yummy.

  3. Btw, I just linked up your blog!

  4. The pie was good, but Elizabeth's reading even better!

  5. I envy you both the pie and the reading. Thanks for this great confession.

  6. Elizabeth Austen6:52 PM, July 06, 2010

    OK, now you're making me blush as red as an, um, pie that shall go unnamed.

  7. "Seven Pesky Sins." LOL.

    And now today's sermon, by the Reverend Fudd...


    BTW --

    If you run into the problem with the iPhone again (and I know this is too easy, but it's also too good to resist), I recommend trying the "delete cookies" button.

  8. Sloth, that's my sin of choice.


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