Friday, December 12, 2008

Not in the Christmas Spirit

This article on WikiHow made me laugh today- Passive Aggressive Gift Ideas for Annoying People

The wooden spoon was pretty funny given that there are a few firefighters I know who have the nickname "Spoon" because "they like to stir things up..."

There may possibly be a poem in the last part about the negative meaning of flowers (remember yellow roses for friendship?), this list has some other interpretations--

Hydrangea - heartlessness, frigidity, vanity
Narcissus - egotism
Pennyroyal - escape
Winter cherry - deception
Carnation - disdain and rejection

Hopefully you'll just wrap a little tolerance and forgiveness for the annoying people in your life, but if want a little something else, perhaps a bouquet of nothing special or a box of see you next year.


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