Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy 2oo9!

I'm getting ready to wake the family... yes, I'm the only one who could stay up to midnight without napping to it.

Even my golden retriever is out under my desk (scared from the fireworks), Eliot cat-1 asleep on the sofa, and cat-2 Ace, asleep in the dog's crate. I think the hedgehog is up running in its wheel- i love you nocturnal hedgehog.

But before I run up to wake them, here are my resolutions as they come out tonight--

be more patient

continue writing, but work more on essays as well as poems

enjoy more things and experiences

be more patient (did I mention this?)

healthy living, but with sweets daily

be thankful

get more sleep

To all of you who have read this blog another year, a toast to you for putting up with me and may 2009 hold everything you ever needed or wanted, and may you always have laughter, friendship, and the time to write and rest.

To a new year and a new and awesome president!

signing off until 2009...

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