Confession Tuesday - Late Night Elf On a Shelf Edition

I'm Dangerous.  You wouldn't like me because I'm dangerous...
Dear Reader,

It's that time of year again.  If there's a war on Christmas, it's not happening in our state as everything is tinsel and light covered, Christmas music is all over the place.

I'm late and trying to get my confession in before it's tomorrow. Let's begin.

To the confessional--

I confession Elf on the Shelf freaks me out.  No, I do not have one, but my friends do this and I think it's weird and creepy.

He also seems like another chore for mothers to do.  Another chore instead of writing.

Honestly, he looks way too much like a clown for my tastes and I hate clowns.


I confess I received GREAT Fantastic AWESOME news since I last confessed-- my manuscript Hourglass Museum has been accepted by White Pine Press for publication.  Yes, I will have a book 3 of poems.

I also have a nonfiction book in the works.  I'm not saying too much on this as it's early and I'm a superstitious gal or as my friend's brother says "Stupidstitious"- yay, I'm that too.


I confess I feel rushed hurried moved along in December.

I also realized I'm getting old.  Old.  I remember being in my early 30's - there the bleep did that go?

Time freaks me out so I try not to think about it.  It doesn't just pass, it passes me, arms waving, some sort of butterfly stroke in the pool while I'm floating on my back looking at clouds.

I'm too young to be getting old.


I confess am thankful for all I have, though I also realize sometimes I feel as if I have too much. I can't imagine what really rich people think about their lives. I appreciate simplicity.  I recently got overwhelmed at the $1 store and at Target.  I prefer having less material items but more experiences.  Actually, that may be untrue as I also like to stay in the house and write, do nothing, interact with only one or two people in a day.

There are just things we don't need.

Christmas sometimes gets crazy like that and the next thing you know, someone is giving you a decorative snowman.  I don't need a decorative snowman.

What I need is peace, love, and less clutter.  I'm easy like that.  My favorite things have heartbeats.  I also love French Dip sandwiches this time of year.  Other than that, donate some money to and help out someone who really needs help.  I would never use a panini maker.  I love paninis, but can make them in our iron skillet just the same.

Give generously and give with your heart.
I try to do this.  To the things and organizations that matter to me.

Who do you want to support this year?


~ Kells

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  1. Great news, Kelli, about your new book! When is the publication date?

  2. Congratulations on your upcoming book
    and on your panini self-reliance.

    I think I know what you mean about becoming old. This usually manifests itself as crippling nostalgia whenever I hear old songs on the radio.

  3. Yes, congrats! Connecting with you re: old and with Shawnte re: crippling nostalgia with old songs! I confess I cannot sing them at the piano any longer because I cry!

  4. YAH BOOK 3!!! I have a pannini maker. It makes the bread into a corrugated shape and gives it a great crunch. I never use it, except when my family comes to visit they request I make sandwiches in it for them--then I remember how yum they are. My favorite ingredients are carmelzed onion and/or apricot jam in a meat and cheese.... Try it in your skillet :) XX, NP


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